What to know about the celebration of American museums of Ukrainian culture?

Every country has a culture. The preservation of Ukrainian cultural heritage is more important than ever to the sons and daughters of the diaspora who continue to celebrate it in the United States. What to know about the celebration of Ukrainian culture in American museums? That’s what you’ll find out in this article. 

What is Ukrainian culture all about?

To find out what Ukrainian culture is really about, you can look here. Culture in general, and Ukrainian culture in particular, is the set of material, spiritual, emotional and intellectual traits that bind Ukrainians together wherever they are in the world and that distinguish them from other peoples. Explicitly, it is first of all Ukrainian, the dominant vernacular language of 67% of the population. Secondly, it is its customs influenced by the Orthodox Church and Slavic mythology. Finally, Ukrainian culture is all about its cuisine, but above all its immense heritage in art, embroidery and architecture that has been perfected over time.

The main American museums that advocate for the preservation of this heritage

The sons and daughters living in Ukraine or in America have, since the Russian invasion, amplified the celebration of their culture in several American cities. Among the largest museums used for this purpose, we can highlight the Ukrainian Museum in New York, which includes several Ukrainian works, including How king pea hid in his bunker by the famous Nikita Kravtsov, which deals with the war in Ukraine. In addition to this museum, we have the Ukrainian Museum in Manhattan, which collects and exhibits art made in paint or on paper. This museum recently focused on the work of Maks Levin, the journalist executed by the Russian army. Other museums such as the House of Ukraine in Washington and the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Los Angeles are not on the sidelines.

Why the rush to save Ukrainian culture?

If exhibitions have multiplied since the beginning of the war between Ukraine and Russia, it is primarily because of the fear of seeing Ukrainian culture disappear under the Russian yoke. Moreover, according to some, this would be Putin’s vision, a vision that Ukrainians in the diaspora intend to prevent. Also, it should be noted that these exhibitions aim to enhance the value of Ukraine, the eternal victim.