What protein powders are consumed by bodybuilders?

Protein powders for bodybuilding are very popular with bodybuilders, as they allow them to develop and regenerate their muscles. These products have been tested by athletes and bodybuilding professionals. There are different types of bodybuilding proteins. You can get information on some of these proteins here.


This is the most commonly used protein powder in bodybuilding. It is found in many forms and is mainly made up of two variants of whey (whey hydrolysate and whey isolate) that stimulate your appetite and other. Since it stimulates your appetite, during your bodybuilding program you will eat your meals properly and your mass gain will be easier. Whey contains no fat, so you can watch it more easily. And, it does not contain lactose either. It is the best protein powder you can consume if you are working out. Nevertheless, its consumption can lead to some complications if you don’t take into account the needs of your body. But, you can always opt for another powder that will suit you better.

Other types of protein powders

Whey is not the only protein powder. There are other powders on the market as well: casein, egg white protein powder and vegetable protein.

Vegetable protein

These are made from coconut, artichoke and hemp proteins. To increase their action, they are often combined with legumes and grain extracts.


This powder contains lactose and amino acids. Unlike whey, it does not stimulate the appetite; rather, it gives a satiety effect. It is therefore advisable to consume it at bedtime if you wish to benefit from its advantages.

Egg white powder protein

This is an amino acid rich powder that is recommended when you do not consume whole eggs. It does not contain any fat and if you suffer from digestive problems, it will not cause any harm to your body.