What are the criteria for choosing a Timelapse camera?

Well before choosing your timelapse camera, it is important to pay attention to a certain number of criteria. By doing so, you will be sure to find a good timelapse camera that can capture good quality images. What are the criteria to take into account before making your choice? Follow the thread of this article to find out about these criteria to take into account.

Take into account the capacity to film and the autonomy

So that your choice of timelapse camera can be the best, you will have to take into account the filming capacity of the timelapse camera. For find out more on the criteria for choosing a good timelapse camera , visit this site. Indeed, the camera must be able to shoot in high definition RAW. Under these conditions, the timelapse seeks excellent performance in terms of light and above all gives you the possibility of using a manual mode. Apart from the filming capacity of the camera, it is also important to ensure the autonomy of the camera. Even if you have short-term projects, it is better to take care of it. That said, the bacterium will at least have to hold the necessary bit rate to produce a 24 fps video. But if it is a long-term project, a classic battery would not be the solution.

Other criteria to consider

In addition to the criteria mentioned above, it is also recommended to use GoPro technology which is an on-board sports camera with a timelapse program. This is because some of these cameras are devoid of consumer technologies. In addition to that, your choice should also depend on the weather resistance of the camera. It will therefore be necessary to favor a model with a waterproof case and an automatic trigger. There are some models that offer push data functionality so that you can retrieve your data afterwards.