Top 3 old accounting applications

The technological revolution has allowed many companies to opt for applications that can manage their accounting in complete security. However, as these applications have been available for a very long time and used by companies, here are some of them in this article.

intuit quickbook accounting application

Intuit quickbook having the ability to handle all the currencies of the world, it was created in 1983 in the USA. Being intended to manage all accounting operations of small and large companies or entrepreneurs, it has been adopted by other countries which are published here. In fact, opting to use this application will make your work easier, as it will automate your estimates, revenue calculations, tax payments and other tasks. In addition, this application gives you the possibility to integrate electronic wallets.

Quadratus accounting software

Unlike intuit Quickbook, Quadratus originated in the 1991s in France. In fact, it was founded with a more specific purpose. The main purpose of this accounting software is to satisfy companies competent in the field of transport and cleaning. Opting for Quadratus means opting for a general analysis and global accounting of your accounts. In fact, thanks to its user-friendly interface that can be customised as you wish, Quadratus also allows you to monitor cash flow while managing your clientele.

sage accounting and billing by sage

Created in the United Kingdom in 1951, it is an integral part of the competent pillars in accounting management. With its efficiency in this field, it has made a name for itself from day one by managing the accounting of companies and entrepreneurs. With its easy-to-use and understand dashboard, sage accounting and billing by sage could take care of your sales and purchases, calculate your value-added taxes and organise your cash flow.