TOP 10 email verification tools

Email is a famous marketing channel nowadays. But the fact is that the targets are not always reached. This is because of the simple reason that the email addresses are wrong or non-existent. The simple and effective way to ensure the validity of the address is to check it. Let’s find out in this article the best tools for verification.

The top 5 cheaper verification apps

There are several email verification tools available. What are the Best Email Checker Tools This is certainly the question you are asking yourself. Without further ado, let’s start with Capitain verify. This tool is appreciated by its usage offered in six (06) languages, end-to-end encryption and RGPD. In the second line, comes Xverify. This tool is also protected by the RGPD. It initially offers free batch download checks. The third tool Hunter, also checks and searches for invalid accounts. With a free monthly verification bonus of 50 emails. In fourth place EmailListVerify is a useful solution for individuals and professionals. It extends its use to domain validation, SMTP and SPAM identification. Like the previous one, MailboxValidator checks the format of the email address, checks connections with the API.

Top 5 easy-to-use tools

The first position in this section is reserved for QuickEmailVerification. As the name suggests, the tool provides a quick and accurate response at a reasonable cost. It works with the API system, respects the RGPD principle. Bouncer, the second in the list, offers a simple verification with various customer supports. Easy to use, the third Emailable tool is used by professionals in various fields. It deletes the erroneous mails. This facilitates a purification of the database. The ZeroBounce is an essential tool, used on marketing platforms. It also deletes bad addresses. NeverBounce is the number five verification tool. Easy to use also with an API, it has a marketing space that links the mailing list to the platform.