The Digital Workplace: The workspace of the Virtual future

The health crisis that has shaken the planet earth since the end of the years 2019 has shaped the working environment which is gradually becoming independent of the usual place. And the more this pandemic persists, it is easy to understand the usefulness of teleworking. It is for this reason that The Digital Workplace was created to effectively meet the needs of employers during a crisis like this.

The Digital Workplace at the service of the digital transformation of companies

The Digital Workplace is a working tool that represents a remote and online working environment. Thanks to this technology, teleworking is a guaranteed success. It has several advantages such as: lower costs, better employee productivity, CSR approach, it allows employers to keep their best employees. But how easy is it to manage a virtual desktop with more than 100 employees. With this in mind, cloud computing and many others make it easier. So here’s how it’s done:
Emails: Employees can use their emails wherever they are.
Corporate social networks and instant messaging: With collaboration platforms between employees and employers, communication between colleagues is easier and smoother.
Dematerialization of documents: Almost all documents used by businesses today are digital and can be easily found on search engines. Click on to learn more.

CIO at the center of the company’s digital transformation

It is recommended that CIOs accept the services of the new technology of work which is the Digital Workplace. However, it is not so easy to install your framework in the cloud. And the CIO is obligated to do so. This is very important in the safe implementation and monitoring of the activities of these companies.
Moreover, it is good to know that the CIO is the guardian of the IT security of companies. This is why it is dangerous to install an application on the portal with free access. So it is in the cloud that all digital activities take place.