Sri Lanka has suspended the use of Burqa and closed more than 1,100 Islamic institutes

The Sri Lanka government is considering banning the burqa and closing down Islamic schools. This it says is to stop religious extremism among minority Muslim groups. 

Sri Lanka authorities to clampdown on burqa and Muslim schools 

The Sri Lankan government has insisted it will ban using burqa, which is a body covering which covers the face. The government has also indicated plans to close more than 1,100 Islamic institutions which Muslim citizens claim were an attack on their rights. During the weekend, Sri Lankan authorities announced that it has activated an anti-terrorism act that will deal with any measures of Muslim extremism which has increased in the country. 

This law allows the government to have powers to detain anyone suspected of terrorist activities for a minimum of one and a half years. According to Public security minister Sarath Weerasekera, that the government has approved a ban on the Burqa in the public. 

“In times past, Islamic ladies never wore Burqa as it is a sign of extreme religious cases which shouldn’t be encouraged.”

Council and parliament to decide if the bill will fly 

Also, he said he agreed to the banning of the burqa but the council of ministers and Sri Lanka parliament needs to sanction it before it becomes active. It will require a minimum of 75% of the parliament for the bill to be passed. Also, many Islamic institutions will be banned for not adhering to educational laws.

” In this country, nobody can just open any place and teach any knowledge, it must follow education policy. ” 

In 2020, the government approved the cremation of all coronavirus victims which much Muslim faithful said was against their law. However, after intense lobbying from America and other NGOs, it was rescinded. Top Muslim rights fighter, Sheen Saroor said the minority Muslim population in the country was targeted.