Social media Giant YouTube removes over 32,000 fake vaccination videos

YouTube has begun moves to remove fake vaccine rumors from its platform. The video network has said it has removed about 32,000 videos to date for spreading fake vaccine news. 

YouTube removes thousands of users spreading fake vaccine news 

The popular streaming network said it has deleted more than 32,000 bogus coronavirus vaccination video claims on its platform. This, it said, has been going on for months, and it has promised to remove anyone who tries to stop a safe vaccination process going on in the world. 

A spokesperson for the streaming platform said such videos went against the data given out by the World Health Organization and Top agencies like NHS. The statement also confirmed that it banned various vaccine information while trying to stop attempts at maligning the good vaccination process. 

YouTube said in 2020, it has eradicated more than 850,000 videos on its platform for promoting COVID-19 fake information. These figures, it says cover more than jabs, but also various spurious claims about health and the virus itself. Some claims say that it affects fertility in men and women, and has a microchip amongst others. These claims have been debunked by the relevant health authorities. 

YouTube wants to rid its platform of fake vaccination videos 

During the first wave of the virus, YouTube says that its platform has become a haven to the COVID-19 diseases while some claim it doesn’t have cured. Despite its reservations on these fake videos, it isn’t finding it easy deleting such accounts as there have been various accusations and counter-claims. 

The people spreading these false claims have developed several high tools which they used to pass through the security of YouTube, which has made it more difficult. Also, YouTube isn’t the only one facing such problems as other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and TikTok have continued to complain about these situations. YouTube has however remained the most consistent in removing these accounts.

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