Myanmar police accused of killing scores' coup demonstrators

The death toll in Myanmar has continued to rise as security officers clamp down on protesters. This action has resulted in multiple deaths with several casualties. 

Many death and several others injured in Burma 

At least 40 people have been killed in the recent crackdown on demonstrators against the January coup in Burma. The military hierarchy has said there must be a martial curfew in regions like Yangon where various Chinese firms have been razed. 

A security official was also killed last night after several Scuffles with protesters continued. The military Junta has continued to say it will leave power after a free and fair election must have been concluded this year. However, critics doubt they will do so since there are no guidelines. 

About a total of 125 people have died in violent crackdowns since the protest started according to the Assistance Association of political prisoners. The association has also warned that these figures are increasing daily except measures were put in place to stop it.

Many illegal detainees in Myanmar – Amnesty 

Several NGOs have said more than 2,000 people have been illegally arrested since the problem started. Fire and thick smoke can be seen near the industrial area of Hlaing Thar in Yangon. More than two firms belonging to China have been touched after the police opened last year’s life rounds on protesters.

According to amnesty intentionally 23 citizens were killed and more than 21 injured during the Scuffles. China’s embassy has said its staff was injured and many of its goods were stolen by yet-to-be-identified hoodlums. Many residents of major cities can be seen bidding in their homes after several gunshots were heard and Military forces passed around. 

Medical doctors have insisted that drugs and medical equipment are running low as casualties increase in major cities. They have called for an international intervention to stop the massacre.