KoDDoS: all about it

You may have seen an advertisement on the Internet somewhere about KoDDos. However, you have probably not yet fully understood the purpose of KoDDoS and the benefits it offers. You will find clarifications and answers to your concerns in the following.

What is KoDDos?

KoDDos is a VIP host. Don’t be alarmed by the VIP designation. It’s just to point out that KoDDos offers hosting of a really high quality compared to those on the market. Web hosting hong kong, KoDDos is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure the permanent security of your website. Whatever the status of your site or your server, you will inevitably find a hosting plan to honour it. All you have to do is visit the KoDDos website and sign up for a subscription.

What are the advantages of KoDDos?

From storage space to high-speed DDoS protection, KoDDos offers you the anti-data services you’ve always wanted. But that’s just the beginning. The technologies it uses allow it to effectively fight cyber attacks on your site. It also protects your website or server from being suspended. It really is the best hosting platform experience. Frankly, what more could you ask for! 120 to 350 Gbps are the amount of protection your site will receive with KoDDos. On top of that, your site is constantly monitored to save you the inconvenience of server downtime.
Moreover, depending on your means, you have the possibility of subscribing to: medium or high risk hosting, remote DDoS protection or dedicated protection hosting. The gesture that saves your site is the subscription to an anti-ddos subscription on KoDDos.
Protect your site from cyber attacks thanks to KoDDos. That’s what KoDDos is all about. Guaranteeing server security and quality hosting, offering maximum data storage space for your website or server, that’s why KoDDos was created. Don’t hesitate, you know what you have to do to protect your website.