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End One Party Rule

End One Party Rule


Hawaii suffers under the limitations of a one party rule here at home and in Washington.  Our single party voice is powerless in Washington.   It’s time Hawaii broke the chains of the elitist power structure and sends a  true people’s voice to represent them in Washington. It’s time Hawaii has an elected representative who is a  true leader, a military veteran, a successful businessman — not a Government clone. It’s time Hawaii has an elected representative in Washington who truly represents  the people…with respect for family values, conservative financial principles, the safety and defense of Hawaii and the nation, the lives and the opinions of the ‘little guy’…and who has a passionate love for  Hawaii and America.

It’s time for a change, Hawaii. It’s time to elect Cam Cavasso to Congress.


Hawaii suffers from the evils of a one party controlled Government that thinks it knows better than you how you should think–spend your money, raise your children…what you should be allowed to do, think and say. But things are changing in Washington. And Hawaii is being left out!

Hawaii only has junior, minority legislators in Washington. People with no voice – just the way Republicans are said to have no voice in Hawaii. We need to have Republican representation in Washington. We need to join in the good things going on across the nation. The President and Congress are giving more and more freedom, more and more choice to the people. Taxes are down – you can tell by the change in your paycheck! Jobs are up – we have the lowest unemployment in decades!

It’s time for balance in Hawaii’s voice in Washington.  Time for balanced and reasonable representation for our beloved state in DC. Time for Hawaii to have a voice at this important and critical time in our nation’s, and our state’s, history.

It’s time for balance. It’s time to elect Cam Cavasso to Congress.