How to increase the visibility of your business online?

Do you want to attract more new customers, make your company’s website more visible and be found quickly via search engines? With a few tips, you can get quick results and thus increase your visibility on the Internet.

Having a Google My Business account

The first step to improving your homepage visibility is simple, but absolutely essential and one that is simply overlooked by many businesses is to set up a Google My Business account. You can click here now to learn more about it. To do this, you’ll need to verify your business’ email address or phone number. Then enter all relevant data (NAP data: name, address, phone) for your business, ideally with some photos and opening hours. The photos immediately show the user that your business is active. This also creates the entry in Google Maps that many people use to search for their service providers. Google My Business is also necessary, for example, to make customer reviews or photos visible on Google.

Finding relevant keywords

In order to improve the Google ranking and thus also the search engine optimization of your homepage, it is important to use frequently searched terms in addition to the service description. There are digital assistance programs that recognize the search queries of people around you.

Search engine optimization

This involves building your website technically so that it is optimally found on Google. That is, its visibility increases and your potential customers can find exactly the information they are looking for and ultimately want to place an order with you. Start with your achievements, as these are your most important keywords. Write detailed texts in which you precisely describe your services and their fields of application. A website with a detailed description of the services is a very good basis for being found.