Aren’t you tired of politicians speaking gobbledygook? Aren’t you sick of political correctness? Aren’t you angry at being told what you can say…and how you must say it?

Political correctness has run amuck, killing truth and competitive solutions.  The political elite, who think they are smarter than you, want to tell you how to live your life, spend your money, what you can and cannot believe, and what you must or must not say. It’s time for all that to stop.

Cam Cavasso is not afraid to say what needs to be said. He will speak the plain truth…to the politicians in Washington and Honolulu…to the media…and most importantly to you and me!

We can trust Cam to say what he believes, and to act on it. He will fight for all of us to have the right to think, feel and say what we believe…without being attacked, or badgered to be politically correct or to bow down to others’ trendy thinking.

It’s time for courage.  It’s time to speak without fear.  It’s time for everyone to be free from the elitist political tyranny.  It’s time to end intimidation.  It’s time for plain speaking. It’s time to elect Cam Cavasso to Congress.


Victory for America!

The Supreme Court has upheld the President’s Constitutional right and responsibility to put America and its citizens’ security first. We are a kind and just nation, but a nation of laws. A victory for Constitution law over groundless Democrat emotional appeals. All America is safer today. For a strong safe America vote Cam4Congress. It’s time Hawaii!


Cam Cavasso today announced his candidacy to represent Hawaii in the US Congress (Hawaii Congressional District 1) to replace Colleen Hanabusa.

Cam and his wife Tula have watched what is taking place in our country and the world. Tula has wanted no further part in political campaigns but two weeks ago as they reflected on Hawaii, our nation and the swirl around us, she turned to Cam and asked, “when are you going to re- engage?”

The answer is now.

Cavasso, a son of Hawaii’s diversity, will bring balance to Hawaii’s Congressional delegation, and maintain proven ideas of strong values in family, business, government and defense.

A son of our ocean, and son of our land, Cam will fight for our right to live in a clean and protected environment.

Cavasso will fight against the red tape, unfair favoritism, overpowering regulations and high taxes that are suffocating the people and businesses of Hawaii and that help create the skyrocketing cost of living.

His mandate will be to protect life, freedom of speech, and the right to choose our own way of life. He will battle boldly to end intimidating political correctness, subversion of free ideas and distortion of truth.

Cam will speak for healthy competition, in contrast with the one-sided agenda of Hawaii’s current single party representation in DC. Hawaii’s one-party presence without a true balancing voice in our nation’s government greatly hinders Hawaii. What we hear from Hawaii’s representatives in DC is one sided and biased, designed to drive their own agenda. The people of Hawaii must hear the truth from their leaders. It is time for balance and transparency.

Iron sharpens iron as we should sharpen each other. We need a strong, experienced Republican representing Hawaii’s uniqueness in Washington, DC. Cam Cavasso is the man to bring that strength and balance. A graduate of Hawaii public schools and Colorado University. A long time financial advisor and businessman. Former military officer and three-term State Representative. Cam Cavasso brings a multi-faceted life experience to benefit Hawaii on the national stage.