All about esports betting in France

eSport is a discipline that brings together all competitive video games. It brings together millions of gamers around the world who live their passion for gaming by competing in increasingly publicized competitions. Discover in this article all about esports betting in France.

Betting and esports in France

Today, e-Sport is a booming sector that now makes it possible to make bets. If this practice appeared not long ago, know that it is possible to place bets on major video game competitions. Go to the site for more information on esports betting in France. Remember that only a handful of sites are open to this discipline, which should develop considerably in the years to come, with the entry into play of new sites. However, in France e-Sport is not yet rooted in practice. As for e-Sports betting, France does not yet have its own operator approved by ARJEL (Online Gaming Regulatory Authority). But this should change soon as many countries with specific online gambling legislation have allowed eSports betting, such as Belgium, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

How to bet on esports ?

It is simple to bet on eSports, because in reality, the practice is similar to classic sports betting. You have to various eSports events like national championships, and world championships. To these different competitions correspond several types of bets, and to these types of bets correspond odds. Betting on eSports is done by betting money on a type of bet whose odds determine the winnings to be pocketed. In the world of eSports, we often encounter various types of bets such as :

  • The simple bet : here, you just have to bet on the victory of one team or another ; 
  • The combined bet : where applicable, the bettor combines several events, and also multiplies several odds together. The bet will win if all events are fair. Although they are difficult to win, due to the high risks, combination bets still generate more winnings than single bets ; 
  • Live betting : Esport allows live betting, that is to say during matches. Be aware, however, that the odds evolve and change as the match progresses.