Myanmar police accused of killing scores' coup demonstrators

The death toll in Myanmar has continued to rise as security officers clamp down on protesters. This action has resulted in multiple deaths with several casualties.  Many death and several others injured in Burma  At least 40 people have been killed in the recent crackdown on demonstrators against the January coup in Burma. The military hierarchy has said there must be a martial curfew in regions like Yangon where various Chinese firms have been razed.  A security official was also killed last ni... Read more

Dutch government bans using AstraZeneca vaccine due to blood clot issues

The problems affecting the Oxford drug have continued as the Netherlands suspends drug administration. The government has said it is a precautionary decision. The Netherlands suspends Oxford jab  The Dutch authorities are now the latest nation to ban the Oxford Drug in Europe after concerns about side – effects of clots. This move was taken as a precaution till at least April 28. Ireland was the first country to ban taking the jab before Norway followed suit last week. However, the World H... Read more

Vehicle insurance claims declines as most drivers stay home

Insurance firms have also been affected by the COVID-19 issue as claims reduce. This is because most drivers have chosen to stay home due to lockdown protocols.  Insurance firms notice claims reduction  Insurance claims on vehicles being settled have declined drastically by 20% as many motors stay inactive at home. Also, the figures shelled are put pummeled 5% when compared to the last year figures according to the association of British Insurers. Also, noted that the general rates paid for fres... Read more